About Us


Our Markets and Interests

We passionately believe in the small-to-medium enterprise market. Unconstrained by the many burdens of the large organisation, it has always been a hotbed of innovation and ideas - the engine behind industry. Our role is to provide the support you need to continually improve your service offering - bolstering your attack and providing the expertise and manpower to deliver growth, change and improvement whilst you get on with running your business. Our goal is to be regarded as your trusted friend and business partner, supporting your growth now and in the future.


Supporting your Growth and Development

To be successful, businesses need to understand the risks and nuances of their respective markets. JPL:D are able to navigate the barriers to entry and growth in these areas, intuitively managing risk and developing novel approaches to delivery that delight our clients and their target organisations. We are experienced in many fields, covering process, water, aggregates and heavy industries and have special interest in helping businesses who want to get into or expand their portfolio in rail. We have deep knowledge and expertise in new product and service development for the rail, process and industrial markets and understand all aspects of risk and return across the marketplace. 


Specialist Expertise

JPL:D provide business strategy, contract risk analysis and business development services. We have broad techical skills and can manage product and systems assurance, create safety sase strategies and deliver safety programmes. We specialise in innovative programme developent and execution for difficult projects. Innovation and new product development is a core expertise whilst business, process improvement and change management are our passion. 

About Us

A Trusted Partner

Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with key clients to foster continuous improvement and change for life. We want you to be able to call on us anytime and know we will deliver.

Identifying Hidden Opportunities

Our cross-industry, polymath approach allows us to create links and see opportunities for growth that others miss. Our broad and deep knowledge of multiple industries provides you with all you need to grow.

Working Hard to Deliver the Change

Seeing an opportunity is only the first step. We will work with you all the way to ensure ideas and opportunities are realised - navigating the pathways to ensure that your efforts are fully rewarded

Case Studies

SME Business Change and Refocus


A technology client with a broad portfolio of businesses wanted to review opportunities for change and growth. JPL:D worked with the client to change the company from a contracting entity to a product and service company - moving from a separate set of portfolios to a group organisation able to provide discrete sector services and products to turnkey end-to-end product and project development. The result has been the development of a number of key products into the marketplace that are creating presence and growth opportunities acoss a wide portfolio. The change has created an increase in turnover and profitability by better utlisation of talent, a more focussed business and marketing plan targeted toward key strengths/market opportunities and a foundation set of products and services that are being expanded to cover multiple industries.

New Product Portfolio Development


Our client was in the process of being commissioned to develop a new remote condition monitoring system for a target industry. JPL:D worked to develop a new vision for the system that would allow the opportunity to create growth across multiple sectors. By focusing on generic functionality, incorporation of the whole development lifecycle into the service offering and linking process and product, a complete turnkey service and product offering was created. This covered elements such as the creation of digital twin capability and process models linked to the target system, building in the ability to create machine learning and analysis to support effective asset management across the life of the target system. The system created was then capable of being made into a product and service portfolio for multiple industries whilst still delighting the original client.

Market Entry Risk Assessment and Management


A client approached JPL:D to provide support for a new venture, expanding from industrial services into the rail industry. The company provided a specialised service and were being encouraged to contract as a second-tier supplier to a Tier 1 maintenance contractor. JPL:D reviewed the requirements, contract and service from a business, techical and safety risk perspective to ensure the client fully understood what risks were inherent in undertaking the contract. The report and mentorship provided as part of the service greatly strengthened the client's knowledge and enabled more intuitive and knowledgable negotiation to take place. In addition to the risk management services, JPL:D also recognised many opportunities for growth and expansion of the contract that were passed to the client and onward to the Tier 1 supplier - creating the opportunity for a much stronger long-term partnership to be developed.